Bioteque America is a medical distributor of OB/GYN devices: Silicone Pessaries, Curelles, Preferred Curelles, Nichols Silicone Counsellors, Silicone Vaginal Dilators, Laminaria, Vabra Aspirators, Aspiration Sets, Flexible Catheters, HSG Catheters, Multi-purpose HSG Procedure Trays, Disposable and Reusable OS Finder Sets, and OS Finders.







             Bioteque specializes in providing the finest gynecological products available today. We have been designing, developing, and distributing the most cost-effective OB/GYN products since our incorporation in 1992. Our efforts have resulted in a satisfied customer base has grown remarkably over the past 10 years. With a beginning in Pennsylvania, Bioteque has expanded its operations from coast to coast.

            Bioteque’s OB/GYN product inventory is comprehensive. We supply a complete line of pessaries with fitting sets, endometrial and mucosal sampling devices, vaginal dilators, HSG catheters, aspirators, laminaria, and a variety of catheters. We also offer all types of Genesis surgical instruments made in Germany of the finest grade of stainless steel.

            Our computerized ordering and shipping of products distributed by Bioteque allows orders to be shipped to customers the same day. We strive to maintain a “zero back-order?policy so that our customers can maintain their demanding patient schedules.

            Bioteque is fully compliant with the demands of the Food and Drug Administration and has filed and received 510(K) approvals on all of our proprietary products.  We have also completed all of the required biological tests and developed full system protocols to coordinate every aspect of our medical business.

            We encourage you to browse Bioteque’s website and welcome the opportunity to serve your needs.

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